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Hang Wire Affordable Web Design Launches Suzanne Moore Folios

Suzanne Moore layers painting, lettering, printmaking, and drawing to create contemporary manuscript books and limited edition books. She weaves word and painted image with form, content and structure into spaces which invite the reader to engage, examine and inquire.

seattle web design - suzanne moore

Suzanne contacted Hang Wire Affordable Web Design in order to showcase her unique artwork on the web. We worked with her to showcase her artwork in a minimalist yet elegant design in order to keep the focus on the art itself. Individual galleries were created to group photos by […]

By |June 3, 2022|

Hang Wire Affordable Web Design Launches OG Engineering

As a structural engineer, Owen worked for several small firms for almost nine years on a great variety of projects including new commercial and apartment buildings, seismic retrofits of mid-rise office buildings, tenant improvements and temporary structures. In 2012, Owen discovered a passion for the personal and straightforward character of single-family residential construction while working for a firm specializing in the design of high-end homes.

seattle affordable web design


In 2015 Owen founded OG Engineering with only a single referral to a local residential firm. Since that time, his firm has grown almost entirely […]

By |May 13, 2022|

Hang Wire Affordable Web Design Launches Autumn Needles Pilates & Fitness

Autumn has more than 40 years of experience studying and practicing movement in different forms and is passionate about it. She was in need of a website to promote her pilates classes to both individuals and corporate groups.

Autumn chose Hang Wire to develop a website that would increase her online visibility during the very difficult times of the COVID pandemic. Transitioning to Zoom classes meant she needed an online presence that was search engine optimized, user friendly and visually engaging.


Hang Wire created a unique one-page design that spotlights Autumn’s […]

By |March 29, 2022|

Hang Wire Affordable Website Design Firm Launches Biwahami Studio Website

Jennifer Robertson is an anthropologist by profession, with an area specialty in Japan, although she has also pursued a parallel track as an artist working in paper collage, oils, watercolors, silkscreen, and ceramics. Her artwork is informed by a “disciplined eclecticism.” She has an insatiable curiosity that extends to all forms of artistic and aesthetic expression but is especially influenced by contemporary Japanese printmakers and ceramicists.

biwahami studio - jennifer robertson


Jennifer contacted Hang Wire Affordable Web Design in order to to upgrade her website, Biwahami Studio,  […]

By |March 29, 2022|

Hang Wire Affordable Web Design Firm Launches American Guild of Judaic Art

The American Guild of Judaic Art is an international not-for-profit arts organization dedicated to artist empowerment, artist advocacy, arts education, and the Jewish arts community. They advocate for and promote contemporary Jewish art, Judaica, and Jewish culture. Their member artists enjoy an array of membership benefits, including a platform to promote their work, grant-funding opportunities, fiscal sponsorship, exhibition opportunities, and educational resources. They are a diverse group working together to create energy and enthusiasm for Jewish art, as they build on their successful programming and initiatives.

affordable website design


As a […]

By |March 21, 2022|

Hang Wire Affordable Website Design Firm Launches Siberian Polyprenols

Silberian Polyprenols is a health and wellness company based in Seattle, WA with root in the ancient forests of Russia. Selling the anti-aging and immune support supplement containing polyprenols – 3F Three Force.

Polyprenols enhance the protection of cell membranes in adverse environmental conditions like no other supplement can. They support the immune system and increase the body’s resistance during physical and emotional exertion. They also promote tissue regeneration. You can feel younger and healthier only after 5 doses of the product containing polyprenols. They also have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, and help to […]

By |March 21, 2022|
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