Our Website Design Process

Whether you have experience with the process of creating a new website or don’t know a CMS from an SEO, we’re here to help!

Here’s a breakdown of our collaborative website design process and what to expect on the route to launching your awesome new website:

Initial Consultation

affordable web design processWe start with an initial meeting (whether by phone or in person). We like to get an overview of your organization and gain an understanding and appreciation for what your organization does, how it’s doing, and the challenges you face. We then help define goals for your web presence. Once we have a clear picture of your needs and goals, we develop an effective proposal/plan that we use to guide us through the process of developing your online marketing strategy.

Website Mockup Phase

We typically deliver a mock-up of your new web design template within a week or two after the proposal is signed. We send you a link to view the mockup on our development server. After reviewing the design, we ask for your thoughts and input. We then take your feedback and, if necessary, make any requested tweaks to the design . This process of back and forth continues until you’re 100% satisfied. You always have the final approval before we move to the next step in the process.

Coding & CMS Integration

A website design is nothing without proper coding that works for all the major internet browsers. During this stage we take the approved web design template and code it into a functional website. As this stage progresses, we keep you updated on your website’s progress and its milestones. At this time we also integrate the content management system (CMS). We recommend WordPress because of it’s power, scalability, and flexibility. As the internet’s most used CMS, your website will be built on a platform that is relevant for many years to come, not stuck in someone’s proprietary CMS which is no longer being developed or supported. Of course, we offer other CMS’s as well and will recommend the best option for your situation.

Content Integration & Testing

We integrate content you provide or dummy copy which you can revise using the content management system (CMS). Of course we teach you how to do this! If you don’t have copy, no worries. We have content writers that will be happy to assist.

Now for the good part – going live with your brand new Seattle website! With your site now coded and tested, we check for cross-browser compatibility of every element of the website. From graphics, text, navigation to and layout we check every detail.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, influences how your new website shows up in Google and other search engines’ search results. We code each Seattle website design project with search engine optimization in mind. We use validated XHTML/CSS and stick to the rules of SEO. We ensure basic SEO rules are adhered to with every project. However, if after a period of time you’re not happy with your site’s performance, we can provide additional search engine optimization services to increase your ranking in competitive markets.

Website Maintenance & The Future Relationship

When we launch your new Seattle website design, the relationship does not end there! We like to develop an ongoing relationship with our clients. Although your new website will be updatable by you, we offer maintenance services as well. This can involve anything from updating a sentence of text on a specific page to adding brand new pages and features.
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