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Seattle Web Design Agency Building WordPress Websites With Avada Theme

When it comes to developing a WordPress website it’s critical to choose the right theme. A WordPress theme is a collection of files and templates that control the visual design and layout of a WordPress website. It acts as the “skin” of your website, determining how the content is displayed to visitors. In essence, a WordPress theme defines the overall look, style, and functionality of your site.

Since 2004 Hang Wire has developed websites using various themes, but through experience we have determined the Avada theme best meets our clients needs.

Here are some key features and aspects of the Avada theme:

1. […]

By |September 20, 2023|

Seattle Web Design Agency and WordPress – A Perfect Fit

In 2004 Hang Wire Web Design agency started about the process of designing our now proprietary website content management system, Bossanova. We built the platform using PHP and MySQL. It took us over a year to build and served our clients well for many more. However, the work was never done. With each new client request we were continually adding functionality and new features.

Bossanova still functions to this day on PHP 7.4. But over the years it became apparent that we were essentially trying to reinvent the wheel when an amazing wheel already existed—WordPress! It quickly became our content management […]

By |September 13, 2023|

Hang Wire Affordable Web Design Launches Rain City Fence Website

Rain City Fence is a West Seattle based fence-building company that’s been serving the Seattle area since 2013. Owned by Caleb Helm, Rain City Fence specializes in cedar wood fences—including new fences, fence repair, and fence replacement. Rain City Fence started building fences for their neighbors in West Seattle, but is now looking to expand their service area to all Seattle neighborhoods as well as most of King County.

seattle web design rain city fence

Caleb contacted Hang Wire Affordable Web Design to assist with developing a more professional looking website that’s clean and easy to […]

By |April 5, 2023|

Hang Wire Web Design Launches Catherine Gill Fine Art E-Commerce Website

Catherine Gill is an artist who paints and teaches on location in mixed media, watercolor, oil, pastel, and is a printmaker. Her classrooms include homeless shelters, art centers, studios, museums,  beaches, forests, and lately Zoom rooms in her Ballard studio in Seattle WA.

catherine gill fine art

As an artist and teacher, Catherine needed a way to sell her paintings and class offerings online. She contacted Hang Wire Web Design in order to design and develop a user friendly e-commerce website to showcase her art pieces as well as sell them online. We worked […]

By |August 22, 2022|

Hang Wire Affordable Web Design Launches Suzanne Moore Folios

Suzanne Moore layers painting, lettering, printmaking, and drawing to create contemporary manuscript books and limited edition books. She weaves word and painted image with form, content and structure into spaces which invite the reader to engage, examine and inquire.

seattle web design - suzanne moore

Suzanne contacted Hang Wire Affordable Web Design in order to showcase her unique artwork on the web. We worked with her to showcase her artwork in a minimalist yet elegant design in order to keep the focus on the art itself. Individual galleries were created to group photos by […]

By |June 3, 2022|

Hang Wire Affordable Web Design Launches OG Engineering

As a structural engineer, Owen worked for several small firms for almost nine years on a great variety of projects including new commercial and apartment buildings, seismic retrofits of mid-rise office buildings, tenant improvements and temporary structures. In 2012, Owen discovered a passion for the personal and straightforward character of single-family residential construction while working for a firm specializing in the design of high-end homes.

seattle affordable web design


In 2015 Owen founded OG Engineering with only a single referral to a local residential firm. Since that time, his firm has grown almost entirely […]

By |May 13, 2022|
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