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Hang Wire Seattle Web Design Firm Launches Chris Mess Music

Chris is a Seattle native, vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter who toiled in an array of Seattle rock n’ roll, indie, and punk bands through the 1990’s and 2000’s, as leader and sideman. Just a few years before we hit 2020, what  better time to embrace the majesty of rock, the pageantry of roll—a bit of pomp to go with current circumstances. Whatever. Against odds and good sense, Chris Mess was born.


Chris approached Hang Wire Seattle web design firm with the goal of creating a website as […]

By |September 30, 2016|

Affordable Web Design for all!

When meeting a prospective client one of the first things I’m asked is how long Hang Wire has been in business? It’s a relevant question since tech companies are notorious for being short lived. We’re proud to have been working for our clients since 2004.

The second question people usually ask is how much does a website usually cost? That’s a difficult one to answer as every website is different, requiring different functionality and design components. However, what I can say with confidence is that Hang Wire can develop a website within almost any budget. The truth is websites do not […]

By |September 21, 2016|

Online Shop A Dog’s Dream Natural Pet Supply launched by Hang Wire Web Design

Online shop A Dog’s Dream Natural Pet Supply is located in Seattle, WA in the heart of Georgetown. We are a full service natural pet supply that specializes in premium pet foods.

online shop seattle

A Dog’s Dream Natural Pet Supply approached Hang Wire with the goal of creating an online shop for their natural pet supplies. Hang Wire worked with Lori to develop a clean and modern web design in the WordPress platform. Woocommerce was incorporated in order to provide a backend for the online shop e-commerce […]

By |September 1, 2016|

Seattle Website Design Team Launches Redesign of Sierra Construction Company Website

Founded in 1986, Sierra Construction Company is a Seattle area general contractor and construction management company specializing in commercial, industrial, mixed use and tenant improvement construction.

seattle website design team

Sierra Construction Company came to our Seattle website design team with the goal of re-designing their corporation website. Hang Wire worked with Sierra Construction to develop a showcase website to spotlight their extensive project portfolio. High quality photography was used throughout the website in various ways. Full size rotating images on the home page, project slideshows, and full size background images […]

By |September 1, 2016|

Seattle Web Development Launches UW Cystic Fibrosis Research Website

Since its inception in 2010, the primary goal of the Cystic Fibrosis Research and Translation Center (CFRTC) is to be a world leader in clinical-translational science in cystic fibrosis (CF), spanning from early drug development to dissemination into the CF community.

seattle web development

The University of Washington CFRTC  came to our Seattle Web Development team with the goal of analyzing the weaknesses of their current website and developing better information and data flow to create a more user friendly experience. Hang Wire Seattle Web Development was able to […]

By |September 3, 2015|

Hang Wire Web Design Seattle launches Vick, Julius, McClure, P.S.

Based in Seattle, WA, the law firm of Vick, Julius, McClure, P.S. focuses on representing commissioned police and sheriff’s associations, guilds and unions as well as employee organizations that provide support to law enforcement and fire fighters.

website search engine optimization

Vick, Julius, McClure, P.S. came to our Seattle web design team to develop a website for their new law firm. Hang Wire worked with them to determine how best to provide prospective clients with relevant information within a minimalist website. A clean and modern design […]

By |September 2, 2015|
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