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Hang Wire Affordable Web Design Firm Launches City of Renton Local 2170

City of Renton Local 2170 is the City of Renton’s collective bargaining union for represented employees. It is part of The Washington State Council of County and City Employees, (WSCCCE) AFSCME, AFL-CIO, which represents more than 16,000 employees who provide services to the citizens of Washington State.


affordable web design local 2170

Local 2170 approached Hang Wire to overhaul their website with the goal of catering to their members’ needs. Membership forms, grievance forms and member resources were all important features in this pursuit. Built using the WordPress […]

By |March 21, 2022|

Affordable Web Design

affordable web design seattle

You need a website for your business, but you don’t have $10,000 sitting in your marketing account. Not a problem. Hang Wire affordable web design can build a professional-looking website for your business no matter your budget.

Hang Wire Seattle Affordable Web Design prides itself in providing you with the best website designs and customer service, all tailored to your specific needs and at affordable prices.

How do we do it? We specialize in designing for the WordPress platform which is open source and allows us to create a function rich […]

By |September 14, 2017|

Seattle Website Design Agency Launches Movement in Balance

Movement in Balance is a Seattle area equine bodywork and healing company.  Movement in Balance teach hands-on bodywork clinics to help the horses return to their natural balanced movement. The bodywork supports each horse’s spirit and well being, while engaging their inherent ability to communicate, collaborate, heal, and thrive.

seattle website design agency

Movement in Balance approached Hang Wire with the goal of re-designing her website to create a more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing website, with the potential to add e-commerce in the near future. Hang Wire Seattle Website […]

By |March 30, 2017|

Hang Wire Seattle Website Design Firm Launches Arrive, LLC

Arrive Residential is located in West Seattle, WA in the Pacific Northwest.  Arrive Residential provides multifamily development teams with valuable insight, based on real-time feedback from residents, operations teams and building “lessons learned” to help projects achieve their highest market potential.

seattle website design firm

As a new firm, Arrive Residential approached Hang Wire to assist with the development of their online presence. Arrive wanted a one page style website with a clean modern look, but one that also felt personal and inviting rather than cold and corporate.

By |March 29, 2017|

Hang Wire Seattle Web Design Firm Launches Chris Mess Music

Chris is a Seattle native, vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter who toiled in an array of Seattle rock n’ roll, indie, and punk bands through the 1990’s and 2000’s, as leader and sideman. Just a few years before we hit 2020, what  better time to embrace the majesty of rock, the pageantry of roll—a bit of pomp to go with current circumstances. Whatever. Against odds and good sense, Chris Mess was born.


Chris approached Hang Wire Seattle web design firm with the goal of creating a website as […]

By |September 30, 2016|

Affordable Web Design for all!

When meeting a prospective client one of the first things I’m asked is how long Hang Wire has been in business? It’s a relevant question since tech companies are notorious for being short lived. We’re proud to have been working for our clients since 2004.

The second question people usually ask is how much does a website usually cost? That’s a difficult one to answer as every website is different, requiring different functionality and design components. However, what I can say with confidence is that Hang Wire can develop a website within almost any budget. The truth is websites do not […]

By |September 21, 2016|
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